What is the best facial warts treatment?

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Warts can grow anywhere on the body but the most annoying are those on hands, face and neck. Warts are quite common, almost every person develops a few warts sometimes in their lifetime. If you have one, it is not the end of the world! There are facial warts treatments which are simple and effective and your wart can soon become a part of history.

How to recognize facial warts?

Facial warts are generally small in size and they range in colour from red or pink, to yellow, skin colour or brown. Most of the time they appear in clusters and can spread if left untreated. There are two types of facial warts:

Verruca Planas

are very small and smooth surfaced warts 1 to 5mm in range. They are easily transmitted through scratching or shaving and may grow close to each other.

Digitate Varts

are more common. They grow outwards from the surface of the skin and they often appear on eyelids and neck. They are also known as ’skin tags’.

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How to stop facial warts from spreading further?

Just like any other warts, facial warts are caused by a human papilloma virus (HPV) and in most cases they should disappear on their own after 12-18 months. If you have noticed a few warts on your face, there are some actions that you can take right now to stop them from spreading further:

– take care not to scratch or cut a wart because it can spread across your face or even on other people through a contact with your skin;

– do not share towels and skin products with other people because you may contaminate them with the virus;

– try to boost your immune system so that your body can fight off warts on its own.

How to get rid of warts on face?

First of all, you should visit your doctor to make sure that you are dealing with warts and not some other skin condition. Here are the options that you can consider when deciding how to battle these unsightly growths.

Medical treatments performed at the hospital include treatment with liquid nitrogen, electro-cauterization and surgical excision, along with the use of some prescription medications. They can be quite evasive, painful and can leave scars. They are usually performed on more serious cases of warts infection. These treatments take from several days to several weeks to complete and they do not guarantee that you will be warts free in future.

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There are numerous home remedies to get rid of warts but since the facial skin is more delicate than the skin on other parts of the body, we recommend treatments with tea tree oil and aloe vera gel.


Using tea tree oil to get rid of warts on face

Tea tree oil has strong anti-viral properties and is easily absorbed so it immediately fights the virus under your skin.

The treatment consists of applying tea tree oil on warts several times during the day. Tea tree oil can be rather strong so please dilute it with water or aloe vera gel (50% tea tree oil and 50% water or aloe vera gel). If you notice that there is a little effect, you can apply pure tea tree oil. In the evening, you can soak the gauze portion of an adhesive bandage with this solution, cover the wart and leave it over night. Repeat this treatment daily until the warts are gone. It should normally take you from a few days to a few weeks to get rid of warts depending on how serious your condition is.


Using aloe vera to get rid of warts on face

Aloe vera is famous for its healing properties and has also proved to be effective in treating warts. Of all home remedies, it is probably the least evasive, yet extremely powerful.

If you have an aloe vera plant at home, squeeze out some oil from its leaves onto a cotton ball and place it on your wart for a minute or two so that it gets nicely soaked. You can also buy aloe vera gel at the drug store and rub it on the wart several times a day. In the evening, soak a piece of gauze with the gel and tape it over the wart and let it stay there over night. Your wart should fall off anywhere from a number of days to a few weeks.

Using OTC to get rid of warts on face

Heal Warts Treatment is a natural product containing carefully selected essential oils ingredients. The treatment is easy and painless and that is why it is often used for curing young children. First results can be visible in a week or two.

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Please note that OTC remedies should not get in contact with your eyes!

How to prevent facial warts?

Your normal everyday hygiene habits should be enough to protect you from getting warts. If you do get in touch with the virus, it still does not mean that you will get infected. If your immune system is strong and healthy it will protect you from catching a wart.


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