What are the best remedies to get rid of warts?

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Warts are one of the most common skin conditions that affect humans. There are numerous remedies that can help cure warts but not everybody reacts the same way to the same therapy. So the answer to the question of what are the best remedies to get rid of warts is: we are all too different sothere is no one magical treatment that can help every single person. The best thing that you can do is to get informed about different kinds of treatments and choose the one that you find most convenient for you. Maybe you will have to try several treatments before you discover the one that is most effective so do not get discouraged if after the first trial you fail to completely remove your wart. The most important thing is that warts can be cured and if you are persistent enough, you will soon find the way to get rid of yours for good.

Effectiveness of different wart treatments

Warts can be treated by doctor or you can treat them yourself at home. Practice has proved that home treatments are equally successful as doctor’s treatments. The major difference is that some of the methods that doctors use show instant results, although they may leave scars behind. If you suffer from a serious warts infestation, have a history of recurrent warts, suffer from diabetes or some other major illness, you should consult your doctor before trying anything at home. On the other hand, if you have a few warts here and there, maybe you can try some of the home remedies before opting for professional help. If you are in doubt whether you have a wart or a mole or some other type of skin growth, please consult your doctor and make sure it is a wart before starting a home therapy.

Cost of wart treatments

Home treatments are obviously a lot cheaper than those that you can get at the doctor’s office. There are many over the counter remedies with different prices and also some very effective natural remediesthat you can purchase in any supermarket at just a friction of a price.

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Potential for scarring

Potential for scarring is a serious issue especially if you have a wart on your face, neck or hands. Generally speaking, most of the treatments provided at the doctor’s office work fast but cause scars. Surgery can be performed in a couple of minutes but it will certainly leave you with a scar. Laser surgery and electric needle will most probably cause slight scarification although some other treatments like Cantharidin and Miquimod treatment leave no scars at all. Cryotherapy, or freezing, can be performed at the doctor’s office or at home and can also cause scars. On the other hand, almost all of the home remedies leave no scars.

Potential for pain

Surgery and other therapies performed by doctors can cause some pain although they are all done under the local anaesthesia. Freezing is not performed with anaesthesia and it can cause slight pain if it reaches healthy skin around the wart. Home treatments cause no pain although in some cases you may feel some throbbing sensation in your wart. Most of the home remedies will cause wart to shrink and fall off leaving the scab behind. This scab may hurt a little but it will heal within a few days.

Visiting a doctor’s office and having to endure medical procedures can be a stressful experience for the small children so home remedies can be a perfect solution. For example, duct tape is rather unusual, although very effective remedy. If you have a child, you can turn the duct tape therapy into a fun game by cutting the tape in different shapes (heart-like, diamond, cloud shape…) or you can use colourful bandage tapes especially designed for the children.

Aloe Vera and homeopathic Thuja are completely painless remedies, although a bit slow.

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Treatment time

The only quick fix for warts is surgery. Other treatments provided by doctors usually require one to tree visits over several weeks. Home remedies require daily application but since it is done at home, this should not be a great bother. If you decide to use some over the counter remedies, stick to the instructions to get the best results. Some natural remedies like salicylic acid or apple cider vinegar can remove your warts within a few days, other like duct tape, cyotherapy or aloe vera can take a few weeks. Whichever remedy you choose, you will be able to see some improvements after the first treatment. Warts are very stubborn and the wart virus is deeply nested inside your skin so it is normal that the treatment should last from several days to several weeks.Now that you are informed about the major facts concerning different types of anti-wart treatments, you should be able to decide which one to try out. We wish you good luck and are looking forward to hearing your feedback about which treatment worked best for you.

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