How to remove a wart?

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To remove a wart you will have to remove the wart virus (Human Papilloma Virus – HPV) living inside your skin. This virus causes skin cells to grow together and form rough bumps that we recognize as warts. The virus is located deep under your skin, which is why usually several treatments are needed in order to remove a wart for good. Some of these treatments may hurt but have no fear, it is not the kind of pain that cannot be sustained, just keep in mind that soon you will be wart free and you will not feel it at all.

Wart virus is not very resistant and our immune system will easily fight it once it recognizes it. The problem is that the virus is located in the top skin layer where the immune system cannot detect it. If you contracted a wart that is a clear sign that at some point your immune system had become weak.

Warts are one of the most common skin conditions – almost everyone has contracted a wart sometimes in their life. There are numerous remedies and procedures to get rid of warts. Some of them will directly kill the virus but most of them will simply help remove the excessive skin forming the wart and thus cause the immune system reaction which will eventually kill the virus.

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What are the ways to remove warts?

Generally there are three methods that can be implemented to get rid of warts.

Professional techniques to get rid of warts are performed in the doctor’s office. These techniques are usually very quick and painless and in most cases require one to three interventions. However, there is no guarantee that they will work 100%. Sometimes people spend time and money only to have their warts return after several weeks or months. Some of these treatments leave permanent scars.

Home remedies to get rid of warts are very popular and effective. Many of them rely on the use of over the counter remedies that can be found in almost any drug store. The advantage of these remedies is that they are cheaper than medical treatments and can be performed at home. They do not leave scars (apart from cryotherapy which can leave scars if not performed according to the prescribed procedure).

Natural remedies to get rid of warts are traditional remedies that you can find in any supermarket and some of them will cost you next to nothing. They are completely harmless, show no side effects, leave no scars but can be a bit slower than the OTC.

Warts are very stubborn and may return if you do not manage to completely kill the virus inside your skin. Sometimes you will have to try several remedies until you find the one that is most effective. Also, the remedy or the procedure that helped your friend get rid of warts may not work with you.

Visit your GP to make sure you have warts and then decide which kind of procedure you want to try. In our experience, OTC remedies work best provided that you stick to the instructions that go with them. If you have small warts, or if they are located in the places where they cause no aesthetic problem and you are in no hurry to get rid of them over night, you can try out natural remedies to get rid of warts. Surgery and other procedures performed by doctors should be reserved for the most serious cases – when there is a history of recurrent warts, if there is a serious warts infestation or if there are warts that resist all other treatments. With so many successful remedies, there is really no reason for you to undergo these procedures and waste money and time on them. This does not apply to genital warts which should be treated by professionals immediately. Like all other warts, they too can successfully be cured, but leave them to the professionals to avoid unnecessary complications.

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