How to get rid of warts using duct tape?

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Using duct tape to get rid of warts is the most unorthodox of all methods used to cure warts. It worked on so many warts that researchers decided to investigate the matter and try and determine whether the stories of its success are myth or reality.

How to use duct tape to cure warts?

This method is very simple. Cut a piece of duct tape and paste it over your wart. Keep it there for six days. If it falls off, replace it with another small piece of tape. After six days, soak the wart in warm water for 10 minutes and file down the dead skin with an emery board or pumice stone. Leave it uncovered to dry during the night and in the morning cover it again with a new piece of duct tape. Repeat the same procedure after six days. You should see the first results after two weeks. If the wart starts to shrink, repeat the whole procedure again and again. If there is no change, use some other remedy. A useful tip: to make duct tape adhere tight to your skin, apply a piece of tape and then remove it. Then reapply another piece that will stay there for six days. The first piece of tape will remove the skin oil and dead cells so the next piece will stick much better.

You can try this method with any other type of tapes (skin coloured, or some other), just make sure that the tape is air and water-tight.

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How does duct tape work?

There is no hard evidence about how exactly duct tape removes warts. Researchers believe that the tape prevents air contact and in a way ‘suffocates’ the wart cells and the virus inside. It is also possible that the tape adhesives also play some part in this process but since various chemicals are used for that purpose there is no evidence of what effect they have on warts. It is also believed that this method causes local inflammatory reaction which triggers off the immune system reaction that kills the wart virus.

Medical proofs of the success of this method

Several studies have been done to look into the efficacy of this method but none of them managed to offer exact proof that duct tape really kills the wart virus. The research done in Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center compared cryotherapy with duct tape treatments and the tape was significantly more effective at removing warts. In fact, 85% of those who received duct tape therapy had their warts completely removed compared to 60% of those in the cryotherapy group (Source: Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine 2002; 156:971-974).

Final word

Duct tape treatment is certainly worth trying – it is inexpensive, simple to apply and completely painless. The only drawback is that it can last for several weeks and that you may look weird wearing a silver patch around. Small children usually find visits to doctor’s office stressful and the methods that doctors use painful, so for them the duct tape treatment can be a perfect solution. You can make the treatment even more interesting by cutting the tape into different shapes (heart, cloud, flower…) before pasting it on the child’s skin.

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