How to get rid of warts fast?

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Warts are skin condition caused by the Human Papilloma Virus, one of the most common viruses that attack humans. Once they appear, they will usually stay there for 12 to 18 months and then disappear. If you are one of those seeking information about how to get rid of warts fast, we have some good news for you. There are numerous methods that can be applied to eliminate warts, some of them are done at the doctor’s office and some you can perform yourself at home.



Surgery is the fastest way to get rid of warts. It is done at the doctor’s office with local anaesthesia and it will most certainly cause scarring of your skin.

Laser surgery

This surgery is performed with strong CO2 or electric lasers. These lasers will vaporize the wart causing it to burn and blister. This will activate your immune system which will kill the virus during the process of healing of the wound. Scarring is very common so this kind of treatment is recommended for those warts that have not reacted to other treatments.

Electric needle

This treatment works on the same principle as the laser surgery. The doctor will cut off your wart and burn its base with an electric needle. Your immune system will do the rest while the wound is being healed. The procedure will leave small scars.

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Cantharidin treatment

Cantharidin liquid is originally secreted by numerous species of blister beetle. This liquid is diluted to make the compound used to cure warts. When painted over a wart, this chemical causes it to blister. The blister will then dry and fall off. Usually one treatment is needed, although sometimes it needs to be repeated in case of some very big or very stubborn warts. Cantharidin should not be used on warts with hair growing from them or warts invading genital areas. This treatment leaves no scars.


Needling involves jabbing the wart several times with a needle. The wart is then injected with cortisone. The treatment is performed under local anaesthesia so it is almost painless. Usually one treatment session is needed and a follow up 6 weeks later.

Pulsed dye laser

Pulsed dye laser is a very effective anti-warts treatment. The wart’s red blood cells absorb the laser light cutting off the blood supply. There is no scarring and the warts usually disappear after three treatments.


Freezing or cryotherapy causes wart to blister and fall off. Usually several treatments are needed. This procedure can be performed at the doctor’s office or at home. There are several types of over the counter applicators that work on the same principle as the cryotherapy instruments in the doctor’s office and their use at home is very simple.

Over the counter remedies with salicylic acid

Salicylic acid dissolves the substance that causes skin cells to stick together and form wart and triggers off the immune reaction which in the end kills the wart virus. OTC remedies with salicylic acid come in the form of liquids, gels and patches, they are very convenient and easy to use and should help you loose your warts in just a few days.


Miquimod cream is most commonly used to treat genital warts although it is very effective in treating plantar and flat warts. The cream triggers off the immune system which then fights the wart-causing virus. This treatment can cause redness of the skin around the wart but it will leave no scars in the end.

Antigen shot

Antigen shot is a form of immunotherapy where Candida antigen is injected in the wart. This prompts your immune system to fight the antigen and kill the wart virus along with it. The procedure leaves no scars although the injections themselves can be painful.

Most of these treatments require visiting doctor’s office one or several times, and some of them can be quite costly. If you do not have serious problems with warts, meaning that you have just one, or a small colony of warts, maybe you can consider using home remedies to get rid of warts. Some of these remedies are easy to find in local drugstores and supermarkets and these ways to get rid of warts naturally are very simple and equally effective as professional medical treatments.

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