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What causes warts?

What causes warts?

| September 16, 2017 | 0 Comments

Warts are caused by a very common form of virus that attacks us humans – human papilloma virus or HPV. It is estimated that HPV virus affects approximately 40% of all human population. In most cases, this virus is completely benign, the exception are genital warts which can in some cases lead to cervical cancer.

HPV virus has several forms, or strains, which are responsible for different types of warts. Common warts are caused by HPV types 2, 4 and 7; flat warts are caused by types 3 and 10; plantar warts are caused by type 1 HPV virus. The most complex are genital warts which are result of over 30 types of HPV. Women between age 16 and 26 should receive Gardasil vaccine which can protect them against four different types of HPV, two of which are responsible for 75% cervical cancer cases.

Warts are contagious so if you have them, please take care not to pass them on people around you or on your sexual partner.

People with weak immune system are particularly prone to HPV viruses. Viruses causing warts are not very resistant so the immune system will easily fight them once it recognizes them. Wart viruses are able to survive for long time because they live in the skin area and often pass undetected by the immune system.

The best way to protect yourself from HPV virus is to fortify your immune system so that even if you do come in contact with the virus, you will not be infected. You will build strong immune system by consuming lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and by drinking lots of water. Try to have enough sleep so that your body can rest after daily strains and stress. Exercise will do miracles for your immune system. No matter how busy you are you should spend at least half an hour walking each day. Spend at least half an hour a day exposed to fresh air and sun light. Vitamins A, E and C and Propolis will also help your immune system to stay strong and impenetrable.

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